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Wednesday Jan 26th, 2022


Ok I have to admit, it's January 26th and there is a ton of snow blanketing everything I love about Lorne Park and the extended Port Credit community.  (We're also in the middle of a lock-down due to the Covid 19 pandemic)  BUT!  I see an end to this pandemic - I can at least visualize it.  I look forward to everything returning back to normal in my beloved neighbourhood.  

As the days begin to get longer and we emerge from our winter hybernation, it'll be incredible to once again enjoy visiting friends and neighbours.  Having a dinner at one of the many, many pubs or restaurants in the vibrant village of Port Credit or in the nearby Clarkson area, all within a quick 5 minute drive.  As the snow melts and signs of spring appear, I can't wait to get back on my bike and cycle along the Waterfront trail into Toronto.  45 minutes at a good pace gets me to the Lakeshore Boardwalk near Windermere and Lakeshore.  Along the way, we see multiple sailing clubs and marina's waiting for the water sport enthusiasts to begin the season.  Port Credit Harbour Marina, Port Credit Yacht Club, Lakeshore Yacht Club, and the Etobicoke Yacht Club  are all along the route.  

Back in Lorne Park, I miss the days when I was back and forth from the high school watching one of my kids compete at various sports and activities.  The days of the OFSAA champion Rugby squad seem at times like yesterday - hard to believe it was 12 years ago.  A lot of those boys have gone onto their own continued successes.  Some have families of their own, some continued with the sport and pushed through injuries and persevered, and there are those with successful careers.  My son, Sam, has continued being part of a team as a Firefighter with Toronto Fire Services.  These kids learned alot about what it takes to be successful in life.  Some was learned in the classroom but alot was learned on the field or in the rink.  The community and the opportunities to participate in extra curriculars are often what really prepares someone for life's challenges. The Lorne Park community provides those chances. 

From a real estate perspective (just in case you're not convinced already that you want to live here), there is a huge assortment of housing.  I will say that the entry level for the Lorne Park school community is now in the $1.3 million range for a smaller bungalow in the western district between Clarkson Rd and Southdown.  The community presents a solid assortment of housing options from sprawling ranch bunglaows, to 8000sf custom builds and everything in between.  The area has been home to many notable sport and entertainment celebrities over the years.  Many of the Toronto Maple Leafs called Lorne Park home at one point over the years from Leaf great Darryl Sittler and Lanny MacDonald, to Tie Domi and his young family.  Blue Jays, Vernon Wells along with DeMar DeRozan of the Raptors and Comedian Russel Peters lived here.  

Schools which are often a primary draw to particular neighbourhoods have consistently performed well on most of the rankings.  Today we are seeing a lot of political correctness with 3rd party rankings like the Fraser Institute.  I would just say this is not the only means of measurement you should use.  Check on the school of course.  But also check into the organizations and associations available outside of school.  Soccer, dance, hockey, rowing, paddling, sailing, crafts, singing, gymnastics, etc.... the area has it all.   For reference the schools in the Lorne Park community and those that feed Lorne Park Secondary School are: Tecumseh Public School K-8, Lorne Park Public School K-5, St. Luke Catholic Elementary k-8, Whiteoaks Public School (French Immersion), Hillcrest Middle School 6-8, St. Christopher Catholic Elementary k-8.

I can't help but mention the trees.  There are only a handful of areas in the GTA that have the trees that Lorne Park does.  This adds to the overall feel.  There are designated greenspaces and parks, bike paths and jogging trails throughout.  If you would like to discuss any of the additional benefits of living in the area please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

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